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Taylor Stephens
Phoenix AZ
audio engineer | music blogger



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Heads up

I’m revamping this blog to be more of my own professional website, and will be posting/reblogging things exclusively along the lines of audio engineering, music recording & news, and audio projects of mine.

Still toying with the idea of keeping a personal, but in the odds that I don’t, I’ll let you know how to keep in contact with me.

TL;DR if you follow me for any reason, you might feel the need to unfollow me soon, and that’s okay.


Hey tumblr! I need your help!

I received an email this morning from a music publisher regarding a project that he is working on for Universal Music Group. (You know, the biggest record label there is, the one that has 50% of the market share on music, those guys.)

As vague as I can be, he is supposed to develop about 30 tracks, and is short on the number of artists/songs for the project, so he asked for some suggestions. I’ve already passed the idea on to some local acts that I know, but I wanted to put this post up to see if I could find anyone else to suggest.

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